Proceedings on recognition of foreign decisions

Recognition of foreign decisions in the Czech Republic Recognition of decisions issued by bodies of another country is governed by EU legislation, international agreements and domestic legislation. However, EU legislation and the provisions of international agreements  

Methodology on Compensation of Non-proprietary Personal Injury (Pain and Aggravated Social Position in accordance with Section 2958 of Civil Code)

The Methodology was recognised by the Civil and Commercial Division of the Supreme Court on 12 March 2014. Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the “CC”) determines that in the event of detriment to natural rights of a human in accordance wit 

Other proceedings in Civil Cases

Other proceedings in Civil Cases In addition to extraordinary appeal proceedings, the Supreme Court also decides other cases that are within its jurisdiction under the Rules of Civil Procedure or other legislation. Such cases concern in particular: 1. Jurisdiction disp 

Guide to the Proceedings of the Criminal Division (sorted by individual types of proceedings)

1. Extraordinary Appeal 1.1. Essence and Grounds of an Extraordinary Appeal An extraordinary appeal is an extraordinary remedial measure by which may be challenged only a final judicial decision on the merits if the court decided as a court of second instance (i.e. the 

Extraordinary Appeal Proceedings Pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure

This text is conceived only as a brief and generally informative guide to extraordinary appeal proceedings in civil cases. It contains only basic information about the rules of the proceedings and does not deal with all the issues which may arise in relation to a motion to commence extraordinary appeal proceedings.