Criminal Division of the Supreme Court

Autor: Aleš Pavel

The Criminal Division consists of the judges of the Supreme Court applying the substantive and procedural criminal law. Currently, this Division comprises 22 judges, who are divided into seven panels. Moreover, the President of the Supreme Court appoints nine judges to the so-called Grand Panel, which decides cases specified in the provisions of Section 20 of Act No. 6/2002 Coll., on Courts and Judges, and seven judges to the Records Panel, which ensures that records of case law are kept in accordance with the arrangements of the Head of the Division. The Criminal Division also includes the three-member Special Panel, which decides extraordinary appeals in cases under Act No. 166/1993 Coll., on the Supreme Audit Office.

Judges of the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court

JUDr. Angyalossy Petr, Ph.D. (born 1964, judge of the SC since 2017) JUDr. Bláha Jan (born 1950, judge of the SC since 2002) JUDr. Doležel Radek (born 1972, judge of the SC since 2019) JUDr. Draštík Antonín (born 1955, judge of the SC since 1996) JUDr. Durdík Tomáš  

Brief Description of the Activities of the Criminal Division

The primary activity of the judges of the Criminal Division is deciding extraordinary appeals and complaints for violation of law as extraordinary remedial measures in criminal proceedings, irrespective of what court or authority involved in criminal proceedings issued